June 19, 2019

Horrific disasters that happened to IT assets

I have come across some horrific incidents that destroyed some parts of Information Technology (IT) assets in companies. Funny how they happened, but deadly nevertheless. They could happen to small businesses, or even larger ones.

Once, I received a call from one of my customers early in the morning. He asked me to supply the same make of the server I delivered two months ago. “What happened to the server I supplied you?” I asked. He kept quiet. After probing a few times, he then said reluctantly, “It was stolen!”.

“The server stolen?” I blurted.

“Yes, and all my PCs too!”.

One afternoon, the System Administrator rushed out of the office (which is located within a shopping centre), hurriedly looking for umbrellas.  Apparently, there was a leak in the roof of the data centre which houses all his IT assets and he had to find cover for his servers.

I visited the data centre of a conglomerate one day, and saw many PCs stacked up taller than man. “What happened to these PCs?”, I asked. “They are not usable right now, a malware has nuked not only the hard disks, but also the motherboards too”.

“It happened last week” the SysAdmin said. That was in the aftermath of CIH. Unimaginable before that.  The recovery process was very long, as many (different) hardware were involved.

What I wanted to point out is – prepare before disaster strikes. Find out how moving (or cloning) some of your IT assets to the cloud could reduce the risks of disasters happening.

BTW, if you are using Windows 7 or the older Windows XP, have you patched your computers against the Windows “BlueKeep” flaw? Microsoft implores businesses to do it as soon as possible as the weakness might cause the computers to fall victim to a ransomware. Research on “WannaCry ransomware attack” on the Internet to find out more about ransomware.