October 2, 2020

How to communicate your data?

How to communicate your data?

A picture tells a thousand words.  What better way is to communicate your data if not using charts and graphs?

Not only that, people want to interact with the data, to explore, filter, expand and relate between different data sets, at the same time see the visuals get updated on-the-fly.

And they don’t want the reports and dashboards to travel to and fro between creators and consumers.  Let’s just share, view, edit, discuss all at the same time.

See you data, at one place. Google Data Studio.

The truth is, you don’t have to look very far to find such a solution.  Google Data Studio is available to business users of G Suite or even individual users at no extra cost.

Now you can communicate data, find meanings and act on the data.  All at one place - Google Data Studio.