April 27, 2020

Get 30-days access to Google Cloud training at no cost

Get 30-days access to Google Cloud training at no cost

Google Cloud is partnering with training providers Coursera & Pluralsight to provide 30-days access to Google Cloud training at no cost* for those who want to learn more about cloud computing or even get certified in Google Cloud.

These are video lessons to get you up-to-speed with Google Cloud & quizzes to test your understanding.  For those who like a hands-on approach to learning and would like to see that he or she could actually build something on the cloud, 30-days free access to Qwiklabs is also provided.

For beginners, I would recommend the following courses to get started:

  1. Cloud Engineering with Google Cloud
  2. Building Conversational (Chatbot) Experiences with Dialogflow
  3. Getting Started With Application Development
  4. Machine Learning for Business Professionals

All in, there are 60 courses altogether to choose from, for learners of various skill level to feed their learning hunger.  Please hurry, offer is valid until 30 Apr 2020.  Sign up here.  Read the offer carefully.

* Note - Credit card is required to sign up at the training providers.  For those who wants to try out the Qwiklabs, make sure you're using the credentials provided by Qwiklabs and not your own Google Account credentials to practice.