April 6, 2020

Make jobs suitable for remote working

Make jobs suitable for remote working

The nature of jobs has been undergoing tremendous change ever since the pandemic strikes.  With all optimism things will be going back to old times when the pandemic passes.  However the economy may be in a flux for quite some time, making jobs stay altered.

To cope with this situation, job redesign might be necessary to make employees productive working from home.  But what are the jobs suitable?

University of Chicago researchers Dingel and Nieman have carried out a research on the feasibility of working at home for all occupations.  Based on criteria such as “work context” and “generalized work activities,” these are the top five jobs most plausible for remote working:

  1. Legal
  2. Computer and number-crunching
  3. Management roles
  4. Education & training
  5. Business and financial services

If you are in these industries and have not make your move for job transformation, now is the time to do so.