September 15, 2020

Recover an overwritten document in G Suite

Recover an overwritten document in     G Suite

Reader Sue wrote in earlier this month that she had accidentally overwritten Jul's sales order data with Aug's in Google Sheets.  She was supposed to just append Aug's data to the Jul's. And now that Sep's data is going to be made available very soon, she needed help to recover both months' data and append the later month on the other.

ictsupport: This problem can quite easily be resolved using the version history provided by Google G Suite.  Follow these steps to recover Jul's data and append Aug's on it.

  1. Copy Aug's data onto a new sheet
  2. Use document's version history to recover the earlier's version
  3. Copy Aug's data onto the bottom of the recovered Jul's data

The video to accompany this tutorial will be out soon.

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