May 22, 2020

Technology to enable working from home (II)

Technology to enable working from home (II)

In order to put employees comfortable from the impact of Covid-19, some companies have allowed working from home (WFH) as a permanent option for some of their staff.  

In the previous post, we mentioned the use of technology that improve communication between office workers no matter where they are.  In this post, we'll look into managing business processes when their employees are not housed in the same location.

When business productivity has gone down during a time when we are not meeting our colleagues as often as we like, how many times have we blamed it on a message, a step,  or a document that was misplaced among the docs, paper, emails, and other people?

Perhaps during this lull period we could review the many processes that make up a business and start asking questions such as are those necessary? How to measure performance? How to simplify them? How to reduce errors?  Will automation helps?  We can then start working on whatever the findings lead us.