July 24, 2020

Upgrading Windows? Try the least-cost alternative - Ubuntu Linux.

Upgrading Windows? Try the least-cost alternative - Ubuntu Linux.

The new Windows Operating System tends to break down often, has virus issues, and performs poorly.  Running & supporting the new Windows has become a hassle.

Consider migrating to Ubuntu Linux instead - the open source alternative to Windows. Ubuntu is user-friendly, keeps on working and supports all popular PC / laptop software.  Many of the computers on the Internet run on Debian / Ubuntu Linux.

Running your desktops / laptops on Ubuntu Linux means you save on hefty Windows licensing and support costs.  

The following table summarize the costs comparison running a 10-nodes of Windows and Ubuntu Linux environment for a 3-years period:

Windows ($) Ubuntu Linux ($)
OS licensing 3,500.00 0.00
Office software support (docs, mail,
video meet, chat, data viz, workflow)
6,750.00 2,970.00
System software support 9,000.00 6,000.00
Total costs of ownership 19,250.00 8,970.00


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Remark.  Windows is the registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.