April 6, 2020

Potential Zoom security and privacy concerns

Potential Zoom security and privacy concerns

There has been many reports of potential breach in security of privacy using Zoom video conferencing solutions.  In particularly, security researchers have demonstrated crashing into Zoom meeting due to the inherent weak default setup.  

Although Zoom has promised to rectify some of these concerns early this week.  It might still be a good idea to check your configuration settings against the following checklist:

  1. Meeting and webinar passwords are turned on
  2. Virtual Waiting Room feature are turned on

No doubt Zoom has skyrocketed in popularity due to its sleek UI design, where users are able to see grid of faces attending the meeting.  It's free tier (upto 40 mins for conference more than 2 persons) offer also tends to draw large crowd to its services.

However if you have privacy and security concerns which you believe Zoom has not been able to addressed, by all means, do evaluate Google Hangouts Meet.  It integrates with Gmail and Calendar flawlessly, and offers up to 250 participants per conference call / meet (offer valid till 30 June 2020), with no cap on bandwidth limitation.  14-days G Suite (where Google Hangouts Meet is made available) free trial is available upon request.  Sign up today!